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Homebrewing Appliance
The Personal Beer Station is a household appliance which allows people to brew beer for personal consumption
Personal Beer Station.
Automated All-in-One Homebrewing Appliance

Main Features

Automated Appliance

Engineered with customer needs in mind. The beer making process is automated as much as possible. An on-board touchscreen provides step-by-step guided work flow from start to finish. No experience required to start brewing vast varieties of ales, lagers, stouts and porters.


The automated washing saves a lot of your time to do less boring things! Load the washing solution, press the button and after a little time, return to a shiny clean interior. Sanitizing can be easily done in a similar way prior to starting a new batch.

All Grain, Extract and Partial Mash Brewing

Support for all brewing technologies used by home-brewers today: all grain, extract and partial mash. Make your choice according to your preferences, existing ingredients and available time. Each method is supported by a unique work flow guide.

Network Connectivity

Integrated wired and WiFi access to your Personal Beer Station from anywhere. Use any browser-capable device (PC, smart-phone or tablet) to gain password-protected control over the appliance. Additionally, the machine updates its software automatically!

Complete Grain-to-Bottle Process

The Personal Beer Station supports a complete cycle from the loading of raw ingredients to dispensing the product into bottles or kegs. It covers multi-step mashing, boiling, hopping, cooling, yeast pitching, fermentation, adding priming sugar and dispensing.

Easy to Use

Detailed and user-friendly guide on the touch-screen display will lead you from start to finish. Every brewing method is divided into simple, easy to understand steps with an ability to go back if possible. Just select a recipe (or enter your own) and follow the instructions!

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