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Front view
The Personal Beer Station (PBS) is a household appliance which allows people to brew their own beer for personal consumption.
This all-in-one unit is designed to automate the beer making process, including the following steps: sanitizing, loading raw ingredients, mashing, boiling, cooling, fermentation, bottling and washing.
Featuring an insulated stainless steel tank equipped with a heater and cooler, the PBS provides ideal brewing and fermentation conditions for brewing personalized beer.
Side view
The PBS provides an almost entirely hands-off approach to brewing beer.
The device has the ability to wash and sanitize itself. All you need is to pour washing or sanitizing solution into the upper port and press a button.
Rear view
The PBS is designed to be permanently connected to water and sewage lines.
The existing plumbing, such as hot and cold water lines for washing machines or tap, can be shared with the PBS via simple plumbing adapters. No special skills required.
Alternatively, dedicated connectors can be installed by a professional plumber.
Remote access
The PBS offers wired and wireless connectivity for password protected remote access from any computer or handheld device.
Besides the screen and beeper, notifications by E-mail or SMS about required actions are also available.
Multi-step mashing and a wide range of fermentation temperatures allows you to brew any kind of beer: ale, lager, pilsner, stout, porter, wheat beer, etc.